Let this screenshot sink in, all who are searching: “Amrabat” “Casemiro” “Ter Stegen” “Martial” “Mason Mount””Trevor Siemian” “Electoral College” “Jade Cargil” “Clapper” “Britney” “Stewie” “Air Force One”

If you see what’s wrong, drop in comments.

Suddenly the strange daddy trend vanished from the other top five: Amrabat, Casemiro, Trevor Siemian, Mason Mount, A’ja.

Is that not strange or what lol

Just in, just announced: 65% of Americans want to do away with the Electoral College and let the popular vote decide who will be in office.
Which side are you on?

Why is #DADDY trending? I have a feeling it isn’t to respect fathers… that’s what it should be though. That’s what should be “JUST ANNOUNCED”.

Sarahs House is a beacon of hope and support in Pasadena, TX, dedicated to providing essential food and shelter to those in need. They have an unwavering commitment to families that ensures comprehensive assistance to help them rebuild their lives.
Giving Guitars will make a stop…

If you want to have a little emotion on a Sunday night, go ahead and listen to this. Song about a father and daughter. Get tissues.

Should it trending instead of “Cowboys” “Taylor Swift” “Jimmy G” “#BaddiesEast” “#ajafey” “Bears” “Broncos” “#90DayFiance”?

Taylor Swift came to the game where the chiefs won, to see Travis Kelce. They were seen walking out together. Do you think the swifties will have to prepare for a new member?

Simple question for Americans.
Biden or Trump?
Just a simple push of a button, show your stance.

This should be trending instead of: "Usher" "Jimmy Graham" #GoPackGo" "Kenny Clark" "Tyreek Hill" #FinsUp" "Kyle Hamilton" "Vance Joseph" "Bernard" "Chelsea" "Newcastle"

Looking forward to playing in the city where I was born! Tell all your friends to come hang out at Shady Acres Saloon on Sunday evening where I will be performing. Thank you for all your support!
#bettertogive #musicforacause  

Wow, it's fall now (Autumn Equinox was earlier today)! Happy fall, y'all!
What do you have planned this fall?
How was summer?

It’s the day of release of the #iPhone15Pro! The first folks should be laying their hands on the most powerful phones ever!
Have you ordered one yet?

I call every citizen of every nation.

Do you see anything wrong with this.

@RandPaul @LeaderMcConnell @SpeakerMcCarthy @elonmusk @ElonMuskAOC

Y’all we’ve got a serious problem.
@elonmusk can we do something about this.

“Diggs” “Dolf””Zouis” #pinkfriday2 “Zelensky”

Question: more money to Zelensky and Ukraine? Yes or no. Whichever you think, put why in comments. Let’s have a discussion.

Whatever you believe, prove you do by commenting your stance. If you don’t, then you don’t truly believe it, do you?

Greg Abbot has declared an invasion of the migrants and Elon Musk agrees.
What do you think?
Support answer in comments

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